love one another

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The Children of the summer's end

Gathered in the dampened grass

We played Our songs and felt the London sky

Resting on our hands

It was God's land

It was ragged and naive

It was Heaven

Touch, We touched the very soul

Of holding each and every life

We claimed the very source of joy ran through

It didn't, but it seemed that way

I kissed a lot of people that day

Oh, to capture just one drop of all the ecstasy that swept that afternoon

To paint that love

upon a white balloon

And fly it from

the topest top of all the tops

That man has pushed beyond his brain

Satori must be something

just the same

We scanned the skies with rainbow eyes and saw machines of every shape and size

We talked with tall Venusians passing through

And Peter tried to climb aboard but the Captain shook his head

And away they soared

Climbing through

the ivory vibrant cloud

Someone passed some bliss among the crowd

And We walked back to the road, unchained

The Sun Machine is Coming Down, and We're Gonna Have a Party